Thursday, July 22, 2010

The End

Dear Readers:

We are sorry to report that, due to lack of interest, Sir Ride A Lot and the Red Rider have decided to terminate this blog. Our goal in taking the time to write this journal was to provide an unbiased account of two riders' commute in hopes that we could help those who did not ride Metro on a regular basis, as well as the Metro Board and other interested parties, get a first-hand sense of what was really going on underground. We sought to remain as objective as possible, while, at the same time providing a bit of levity to keep things interesting. Regrettably, we have failed.

We understand that others have formed blogs which seek to provide a forum for people to rant about the horrors of Metro, post pictures, post videos, etc., etc. We have no problem with such sites and feel that perhaps they will serve some purpose in passing along the message to the powers that be that the system is fundamentally broken and needs fixing from the ground up. We fear, however, that such posts may not have this effect, but will instead simply create a forum for people to, at best, show their creativity and humor and, at worst, simply mock their fellow riders in a public forum. Such mockery achieves nothing positive and creates no real change in the system.

It was our conscious decision not to go this route and, in so doing, we found once again that the high road is truly the road less traveled. So to those who have read our site and hopefully obtained something of value from it, we are glad we could have been of assistance. We would encourage you to keep up the fight and make the effort to hold the Metro to account for the disgrace it has become. Only through the actions of a committed populace will any change actually occur.

Goodbye to all, I'll see you on the Red Line.

Sir Ride A Lot

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