Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Metro; Bad Parking, People

The total Metro experience does not get high marks today.

The parking situation is not improved and there are many illegally parked cars throughout the parking lots. As I was leaving in the evening, there were 6 inoperable gates.

The Metro rides themselves were fine, a little slower than usual, but not out of the ordinary -- morning commute took 40 minutes.

The evening ride home was marred by my seat mate, who was sitting in an aisle seat next to an open window seat. I asked him to move, which he did, and despite Red Rider being small, no matter which way I faced -- forward or turned sideways -- dude next to me was determined to keep his elbow stuck in my rib cage! Dude needs to learn some public transportation etiquette.

Red Rider Ratings:
Parking -- 3
Metro rides -- 7
Dude -- 0.2 only because he moved when asked

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  1. Shove back, dear. Sometimes that's the only way they learn.