Monday, February 1, 2010

1.5 Hours

The Friday night trip from Dupont to SG was a nightmare. Metro seems to believe that it is acceptable to begin repair work in the early evening (8:00) on Friday and Saturday thereby adding an hour onto the trip of any commuter who stays over on Friday night for happy hour. This leaves your humble author to ponder the question "Does Metro really care one way or another whether their 'customers' get to their location in a timely manner?"

Two other items struck me on this arduous ride home (i) why do the time boards in the Metro stations keep going blank and then changing the times...I thought they had computer monitors showing exactly where trains are in the system and (ii) when the first train in nearly 45 minutes arrives at SG, why should there be a delay of ten minutes getting onto the SG platform? There have been no trains entering SG for 45 minutes...what can be causing the delay unless Metro believes it's acceptable to store trains on the platform rather an putting them in the train yard. It really makes you scratch your head and wonder whether anybody is manning the ship. Overall, an extremely poor performance by Metro.

Sir Ride-A-Lot Rating: .6

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