Wednesday, January 27, 2010

35 Minutes

Good morning fellow Red Line Riders:

Welcome to the newest and friendliest Red Line blog in the entire DC Metro area! The goal of your host - Sir Ride-A-Lot - and hostess - The Red Rider - is to pass along each of our experiences during our daily commutes by keeping a running tally of exactly what happened that morning (or evening) on the Red Line. Our promise to you, our fellow travelers, is to never be negative, never get petty, and only report the facts. We are your humble servants. Feel free to comment, add your thoughts, and tell us what you feel, but please keep all comments factually accurate...and please no rants.

Every day each of our posts will place the time taken for the morning commute (from gate at Shady Grove to gate at Dupont Circle) at the top and close with a trip rating. Once we have been blogging for some time, it will be helpful to compare times and ratings and see how the commutes stack up morning after morning, day after day. So, without further introduction, here goes my maiden post. Enjoy and happy travels.

Arrived at SG at 7:15. Platform was unusually crowded. Clearly, no train had come for several minutes. One train came which was out of service forcing riders waiting on the East platform to cross over to the West platform causing significant confusion. When the train did arrive it was fully loaded with standing room only before it left SG. Riders, however, were pleasant and uncomplaining. The train proceeded with no delays. Only problem en route was the lack of PA system which, along with crowded conditions, prevented passengers from determining the station stop. At DCircle platform level escalator was still inoperative. However, all escalators on South Exit fully operational.

Sir Ride-A-Lot Rating: 7.5

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  1. Welcome to all who come to visit our humble blog! We look forward to hearing about your travels, and we hope to provide an outlet for your Metro tales.

    My commute this morning was a little longer, 40 minutes gate to gate, and a little later, arrived at SG about 8:30am. I was expecting a bit of a delay, due to yesterday's fatal accident, but when entering the station, I counted three trains that left for downtown within 8-9 minutes. There was plenty of space on my train, and seats were still available until about Friendship Heights/Tenleytown. Pretty good!

    Red Rider Rating: 9