Friday, January 29, 2010

43 Minutes

Cold morning commute. The train did not come at SG for 7 minutes and filled up completely with standing room at SG (found last seat on train). Conductor was friendly with a few pleasant remarks thrown in for good measure which made my fellow travelers smile without seeming to annoy anyone. This was definitely a welcome break from the standard conductor. The train became packed by White Flint with considerable crowding occurring because a train had clearly not come for some time. By Bethesda, the platform was at least three deep with people rushing to get to work. The friendly conductor began to get a bit more impatient, but overall kept his composer (as did the riders). When we arrived at DCircle, commuters crowded the doors and the train had to be off-loaded. Understandably, there were some very angry passengers. The lower escalator at DCirle remained inoperative which caused major problems moving the crush of people getting off. All South Exit escalators were operational.

Sir Ride-A-Lot Rating: 5.2 (would have been far lower if I had to travel beyond DCircle after the off-loaded train).

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